The right atmosphere







Creating the right atmosphere at a meeting or event is essential. I’ve worked with audio visual specialists to ensure that we create an atmosphere that delegates will remember. When you have an audience of 600+ you need to ensure that when they walk in you get it right first time; every seat has a clear view, the equipment is reliable and that visually it looks the business. You need delegates to feel excited that they’re about to embark on something special.

It isn’t just the AV that sets the scene but all the other agencies who have also been relentlessly event planning behind the scenes for many months. Whether it be in the detail of correctly selected (& compliant) pens, the friendly briefed hostesses, the perfect content on the big screen or even the slick look of the perfectly aligned iPads help generate these important first impressions.

Once you’ve set the scene, you have the perfect launch pad to deliver a great event as that team. Seeing it come together in front of your eyes is a very satisfying element of our jobs particularly when you glance over to one of your colleagues and both acknowledge a smile. Knowing that all that hard work has accumulated into something tangible in front of you – pure satisfaction!