Client: Pharmaceutical. Speciality: Diabetes. Locations: Europe, Asia and South America.

The aim of these 3 meetings was to bring together national and international specialists and give them an opportunity to engage in discussions around general clinical science and be educated on how to translate data from trials into their every day working life.

We worked as part of a multi-agency team to deliver these events and in doing so we recognised how important it was to continue to add value for each event. There were many challenges of course, notably different time zones and cultures but after many months hard work we got there, we did it!

On reflection the element that stood out for me the most were how we consistently delivered in all areas as one team. How did we do that? We recognised that adding value really enhances the event planners experience as well as for those attending the event and the client. I fully appreciate that clients have busy schedules and so anything to ease their working day is going to be perceived as a big thumbs up – be one step ahead and think about what can make that difference for them. For delegates it’s making sure that we consistently deliver their requirements to the best possible standard we can – what matters to them most and what makes them happy. The same goes for suppliers and colleagues – I often think that finding something to make someone smile really aids the whole process, makes you feel you want to strive to always do a better job and most importantly enjoy what you do so much that you want to do it all again. Happiness is achievement!