I’ve been working with the development team of an exciting new digital event management platform called Qmeeto – think ‘Quick Meeting Organiser’.

Launched in 2014, Qmeeto is looking to bring something fabulously intuitive to the events industry. Whereas a lot of other systems on the market are trying to supply a one package fits all scenario, Qmeeto is the answer to a planners prayers particularly in medical communications.

For pharma companies and agencies, it’s all about building relationships with HCPs and Qmeeto helps you do just that by allowing you to provide a more professional service. One of the standout features for me on the system is their automated itinerary builder. As most planners will know, the most time-consuming part of our job is creating itineraries and agendas for our faculty. Qmeeto automates everything and lets you send out branded, professional itineraries (with travel details, accommodation and agenda) in minutes. A dream come true as far as I’m concerned!

The great thing about Qmeeto is how user friendly it is, just take a look at their dashboard (pic below) and you’ll know what I mean.


Click on image to view Qmeeto dashboard







For me, working with Qmeeto has been a very exciting project to work on. Not only have I been helping them understand unique processes of managing a medical meeting, but I’ve also got the see the inner workings of building an enterprise system. They’ve been getting lots of attention over the last few months and I see great things ahead for them!

Check them out, if you’re a medcomms you won’t regret it: